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Fox News' Gianno Caldwell calls on FBI to investigate brother's murder: 'I won't stop until there is justice'

Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell is calling on the FBI to fully take over the investigation into his brother’s murder. 

Caldwell, who lost his 18-year-old younger brother Christian on June 24, 2022, in a random shooting in Chicago, says he will not stop until justice is served.  

“I’ve received, just this year in March, a call from the Chicago Police Department telling me that there was an arrest, an unrelated case of an individual who they believe with a high likelihood to be involved in the murder of my baby brother, Christian, to be one of the shooters, to be exact,” he told “Your World” on Friday. “That same police department also told me that the FBI is investigating this individual, and he’s in federal custody, something that I can applaud and appreciate.” 

“However, the Chicago Police Department has failed my family since then,” he continued. “They absolutely failed us. The detective on the case is not responding to my calls, my text messages and today, I want to use this opportunity and this platform to call for the FBI to fully take over the investigation of my brother’s murder.” 

Caldwell told Fox News he has been working with a congressman to unite lawmakers in asking the FBI to get involved in the investigation and “be a voice for victims all across the country.” 

“Now that we have the FBI director coming up before Congress really soon, I’m going to ask those members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike,… what is going on with the investigation into the murder of Gianno Caldwell’s brother?,” he revealed. “I’ve reached out to the FBI personally multiple times, have not heard anything back from them. So, I want to request for the FBI field office in Chicago, whoever is there, call me. You have my number in your system. If you’re in the FBI headquarters in Washington, D,C,. call me. You have my number in your system.” 


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