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LAURA INGRAHAM: Where's Reverand Al on the issues plaguing the Black community?

Fox News host Laura Ingraham slams Al Sharpton for his silence on issues affecting the Black community on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Neither Keith Ellison, the AG of Minnesota, nor Al Sharpton are anything but racial opportunists. So if a crime involving a Black person can offer a PR or political benefit, or in the case of someone like Sharpton or attorney Benjamin Crump, a financial payday, they might get prominently involved. Otherwise, don’t hold your breath. And on the nuts and bolts issues that actually plague the Black community, especially in urban areas, the racial industrial complex is either nowhere to be found or actively working against the Black community. How much time has Al Sharpton, for instance, devoted to the persistent problem of Black gang violence in Minneapolis? 

Who knows how many Black residents of Minneapolis gangs have killed over the years by either drugs or murder. But where’s Reverend Al? Why isn’t he or one of his acolytes there mentoring youth to keep them out of the gangs? Because there’s no fame in it and there’s certainly no money in it. And not a peep from Sharpton about this savage attack: six teens on bicycles savagely beat what appeared to be a White man in L.A. 

Al Sharpton's race rhetoric hurting America? Video

Where are the parents? Where the fathers? Who raised these kids? And where is Al Sharpton? Or because the victim looks like was White– does this not count as injustice in the good reverend’s eyes? And the reason, by the way, the brave social justice warriors don’t care to address the recurrent Black-on-Asian attacks in our cities? Well, in Long Beach, California, last week, a 53-year-old victim said her attacker yelled racial slurs at her before punching her face. “I thought I was going to die,” she told a local reporter. Too scared to even share her name, the attackers are still on the loose. Again, this is wanton violence for no reason. Broken families, a criminal justice system that’s overloaded and that too often treats criminals like victims and victims like criminals. 

So, does Al Sharpton and his pals believe that racism is the reason that teens as young as 13 in Maryland are stealing cars? And I looked and I looked and I found no sign of Al Sharpton speaking out last week after this shocking story out of Oxon Hill, Maryland, came out where a 14-year-old girl orchestrated an attempted murder on a school bus. Now these stories speak to deeper challenges in the communities that Sharpton and Crump claim to care so much about. Broken homes, deadbeat dads and marijuana use at a young age. If Al Sharpton spent as much time advocating for fathers as he does against so-called systemic bias in policing, he would really have made a huge impact. 

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