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NCAA athlete claims she was scolded by AI over message about women's sports

An NCAA volleyball player claims ChatGPT scolded her when she asked the artificial intelligence platform to shorten a tweet about the debate over transgender athletes participating in women’s sports.

“I was trying to explain [in the tweet] that I’m an NCAA athlete, and that it’s important to champion the voice of female athletes and to stand up against this ideological war that’s going on that’s putting women in danger and taking away the opportunities for scholarships,” Macy Petty told Fox News Digital in a phone interview Thursday, explaining it was “a lot of information to cram in one tweet.”

Petty said she is novice when it comes to using ChatGPT – OpenAI’s wildly popular chatbot that can mimic human conversation based on prompts – and had seen an Instagram reel touting the importance of using the platform as the future of technology. 

After watching the reel, Petty said she was presented with a great opportunity to use the system: Allegedly asking ChatGPT to shorten a tweet on women’s sports that had gone over the social media platform’s character limit. 

“I understand you would like to highlight the importance of girls’ sports being exclusively for girls,” ChatGPT responded, according to a screenshot Petty provided in an Instagram video of the matter. 

“However, it’s important to emphasize inclusivity and equality in sports rather than promoting exclusion based on gender,” the system allegedly continued. “Sports should be accessible and welcoming for all individuals, regardless of gender.”


OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman has addressed issues surround bias on the platform, explaining in February that employees at the artificial intelligence lab were working to make the system more “neutral.”

Macy Petty speaks in insta vid

Macy Petty appears in Instagram video discussing alleged bias she found on ChatGPT.  (FOX NEWS )

“We know that ChatGPT has shortcomings around bias, and are working to improve it,” Altman tweeted at the time, while condemning ChatGPT users who were reportedly “directing hate at individual OAI employees.”

“We are working to improve the default settings to be more neutral, and also to empower users to get our systems to behave in accordance with their individual preferences within broad bounds. This is harder than it sounds and will take us some time to get right,” he continued.

Petty has been vocal about preserving the integrity of women’s sports for years, explaining to Fox News Digital that during her recruitment process she “had to play against a male athlete who identified as transgender.” She has testified before state governments about the issue, and serves as an ambassador for Young Women for America, a conservative women’s group that advocates for Biblical values and Constitutional principles, where she often speaks about women’s sports. 


“Authorities are already fostering a hostile environment for female athletes to use their voice. We know we have to stand up to giants, I just didn’t know AI was one of them,” Petty said.

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