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We need to talk about the daughter the Bidens reject

We need to talk about Hunter Biden. Not about the federal income tax evasion or the drug use, or the TMI kink pics on his computer, or lying on a form about his drug use in order to get a firearm (a gun crime suddenly no Democrat in power cares about whatsoever).

We need to talk about his child custody case. Because the extraordinary efforts to protect this grown-ass man and his family from consequences for his behavior extend to perhaps his most monstrous acts, which he has reserved for his own child.

In the same week Hunter got the good news he won’t be going to jail or even trial for any of his now-admitted crimes, he also settled with the mother of his now 4-year-old child, Navy Joan, in a prolonged fight. Using $800-an-hour lawyers and a $6 million private jet borrowed from a friend, Biden has flown back and forth to Arkansas since 2019 to attempt to deny his own child anything a father should give.

After stalling for almost a year, with all the class of a Maury Povich guest, a judge ordered Hunter to take a paternity test, which confirmed the child is his. Her paternity is not a rumor; it is an established fact. We have followed the science, so to speak. Since that 2020 revelation, Hunter has been forced to pay child support to the child.

So, what else to do but fight 32-year-old Lunden Roberts in court, tooth and nail, to part with as little of his coincidental fortune as possible? Hunter met Roberts when she was working as a stripper in Washington, D.C. in 2017. This was near the end of his unraveling marriage to the mother of his three older children, Kathleen, when he was also having an affair with Hallie Biden, the widow of his recently deceased brother.

That epic love story was marked by collusion in another gun crime no gun-control advocates care about when Hallie took the revolver Hunter obtained with his felonious gun-form lies in 2018 and threw it in a dumpster across from a school, at which point it briefly went missing. When Hunter was called to the scene for questioning, he pointed to two Latino grocery-store employees nearby and said they were suspicious and “prolly illegal” in an attempt to once again evade responsibility (this is real). It wasn’t necessary. No charges were filed and all of this has sparked almost no interest in the press corps. Just this week, Hallie was referred to only as his “then-girlfriend” in a brief Washington Post description of this incident. But I digress.

Hunter Biden arrives for Delaware deposition in laptop lawsuit Video

Back to the daughter he has consistently rejected, Navy Joan. After his encounter with her Roberts and the subsequent birth of his daughter, Hunter got back on the road to recovery. During this time, he met a South African filmmaker, Melissa Cohen, in L.A., whom he married six days later. Their relationship has been the subject of soft-focus network profiles and produced another child, toddler Beau, born in 2020 and named for Hunter’s late brother. (That ABC story could use a correction on the paternity of Navy, which was disputed at the time of this friendly write-up.)

Living in truth also meant withholding financial information from the court. It could hardly help him, I guess, to disclose the rumored $2 million advance he got for his memoir or the paintings this renowned Renaissance man sold to unnamed buyers for $200K+ during his two solo gallery shows in Soho, or the Malibu residence which the Secret Service must pay $30,000 in rent to live near so they can protect him.

 Attorney reveals 'jaw-dropping' Hunter Biden information Video

But he is protected by far more than the Secret Service. An army of intelligence officials lent their names and reputations to the lie that his laptop was a piece of Russian disinformation. Almost the entirety of media and big tech colluded to censor reporting about the contents of a laptop he left in a repair shop in Delaware. For Hunter Biden, there are trips to Ireland on Air Force One and weekend stays at the White House and Camp David and no questions about the White House’s repeated assertions that “there is no such thing as someone else’s child,” unless that child is Navy.


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