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Chart-topping Christian singer talks successful anti-Target song: 'People of God, patriots' are majority

Two “anti-woke” rap songs recently bumped Taylor Swift and a popular K-Pop singer from their number one spots on Billboard and iTunes. For singer Jimmy Levy, he believes their surprising success reveals “patriots” have more influence than the cultural gatekeepers want you to believe.

“That shows that we’re the majority no matter what, the mainstream and Hollywood—and the industry wants to promote whatever agenda they want to promote and try to make us look like we’re the minority— people of God, patriots, Americans. It’s just not the truth. And no matter what, God prevails,” Levy told Fox News Digital.

The Gospel artist’s “Boycott Target” song with “MAGA rapper” Forgiato Blow took the No. 1 spot on the iTunes sales chart when it dropped at the end of May, bumping Taylor Swift. About a month later, his Christian hip-hop song with “Reclaim the Rainbow,” by Bryson Gray and Shemeka Michelle, reached the top spot on Billboard’s rap digital song sales chart, knocking K-Pop singer Jimin of the band BTS from the top position.

Levy was amazed by how quickly the songs rose to popularity. 

Levy was inspired to help create the protest song when he saw Target was “collaborating with Satanists to make children’s clothing.” 

“It really hurt me,” he said. The song also speaks out against transgender treatments for children.

The retail giant received backlash from customers after it partnered with a self-described Satanist whose brand features occult imagery and messages like “Satan respects pronouns” on brand apparel.

Target has lost billions in market value after social media users drew attention to the company’s pride merchandise for children and infants as well as swimsuits for transgender individuals to “tuck” their genitals ahead of gay pride month.

Despite their song reaching the top of the charts, Levy and Blow believed it was shadow-banned on social media and Apple’s music platform.


“Reclaim the Rainbow,” a Christian rap song Levy is also featured on, was released during June and climbed to the top of digital rap charts. The song implores Christians to “reclaim” the biblical meaning of the rainbow in Genesis with the lyrics, “It is a promise, It isn’t pride.”

“We made it basically like musical history, getting No. 1 with a song about God’s promise. And, you know, they try to flip it and say that we’re hating on people,” he said.

The song was labeled “homophobic” by some media outlets, but Levy pushed back against the term.

While he thought he was taking a polarizing stance when he put out anti-mandate songs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the pushback he received for these songs he says was much worse.

“I never received so much hate, death threats and just horrible things sent to me after these two songs,” he recalled. 

The Christian artist said he received messages telling him “horrible things that I could not even imagine saying to my worst enemy,” such as orders to kill himself. But he said he was praying for these critics.

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