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The stunning revelation in Durham hearing should chill us to the core

Special Counsel John Durham recently appeared before Congress to answer questions about his bombshell report on the FBI’s botched handling of Donald Trump’s alleged Russian collusion in 2016, and what Americans heard in the hallowed halls of the Capitol should chill them to the core.

Durham told the House Judiciary Committee, “The FBI was too willing to accept and use politically funded and uncorroborated opposition research, such as the Steele dossier. The FBI relied on the dossier and FISA applications, knowing there was likely material originating from a political campaign or political opponent.”

And whose political campaign you might ask was funneling this false information to the FBI? Why that would be Hillary Clinton’s, Trump’s 2016 presidential opponent.

As if this weren’t bad enough, and it most assuredly is, at almost the same time as the same FBI was opening a case on Trump under false pretenses, it was closing its investigation on Clinton’s mishandling of classified materials with no charges.

Durham appears in front of the House Judiciary Committee Video

In another stunning revelation, we learned that the original head of Crossfire Hurricane, as the probe into Trump was known, was never shown key information that pointed to the Clinton campaign as the source. Apparently, upon learning this, that agent, Joe Pientka, was absolutely furious. Who wouldn’t be?

This all came around the time, as you might remember, that FBI employees and star-crossed lovers Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page were texting love notes about how they would never let Trump become president.

Democrats on the committee who have no curiosity whatsoever about the Durham report, even though the FBI itself admits wrongdoing and says it has made corrections, spent the morning berating and insulting the witness.

Maybe if Democrats took this matter remotely seriously, if they were able to admit the wrongdoing, as the FBI has done, then we could start to rebuild faith in these institutions. But instead, committee Democrats ignored it and amazingly used their time to continue their farcical harping about Trump and Russia.

As committee Chairman Jim Jordan put it, “Sixty percent of Americans now believe there is a double standard at the Justice Department. You know why they believe that, ’cause there is! That has got to change.”

Hear hear.


All of the GOP candidates and indeed every GOP elected official need to keep the focus where it belongs — on a Department of Justice that far from being blind glares at conservatives like Trump and his associates, while winking at Democrats like Clinton and Hunter Biden.

When there are two sets of laws in a society, there is no law at all, there is only power. John Durham has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is exactly what is going on in the Department of Justice, and if that doesn’t change then nothing else will.

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